In a cold and windy Roman autumn, the psychoanalyst and philosopher James Hillman walks along the road paved with leaves that leads from the Lungotevere to the Pyramid of Cestius, where the English poet John Keats is buried

Io ed Elena

Two women, a mother and a daughter suffering from serious psychiatric disorders. Differently equal, close in the solitude with which existence and illness have led them to live. A loneliness faced in totally different ways as are their personalities

Nell’ardore della nostra camera

In the delicate moment of transition between the 20th and 21st centuries, when taboos fall and Catholic culture begins to collapse under the weight of anachronism and hypocrisy, Sgorbani opens and photographs the contents of one of those "closets" which many prefer to keep tightly closed

Occhio al cuore

In the darkness of a cell, in a criminal asylum, a man and his apparitions try to reconstruct a forgotten past. Flashes of everyday life mix with memories, fantasies, lucubrations and nightmares

Angeli di cartone

Three women with different backgrounds and personalities whose lives intersect, touch each other; women who interact in a precise moment of time, expressing how they manage the characteristic traits of their personality in that moment: rationality, enchantment and bitterness.

Diario licenzioso di una cameriera

The show, in the theatrical adaptation by Gianni De Feo, highlights a female figure exploited by male power and by the rich society. The protagonist "Celestine" to obtain the satisfaction of her impulses and material needs, without any scruple, in an absolutely amoral way, uses the only weapon she possesses: the body and the power of seduction.

Carlos, L’ultima volta

“Carlos, l’ultima volta” is a work that developed starting from a theatrical short in the form of a monologue in 2016, extended in 2020 to two characters to then arrive at the current version which I consider the most exhaustive, both from the point of dramaturgical and staging view, thanks to those intermediate studies undertaken during the long journey of these years




Madre opened in January 2019 at the beautiful "Madre" Museum of Modern Art in Naples. It is a co-production between Ipazia Production Donnaregina Foundation for modern art. The original artistic video, created by the artist Francesca Fini, dialogues with the protagonist on stage, becoming a character, atmosphere and dramaturgical fragment, with exits and voices that refer to medieval theater.

Feu Sacré

The myth of Prometheus has always fascinated women, men, thinkers and artists of every century and every discipline, and this is probably because over time it has symbolized the struggle of the friendly forces of human progress and civilizations against every form of power.