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Master the Act

A new Erasmus project

"Master the Act" represents an innovative Erasmus project which involves the definition and testing of a teaching and learning approach dedicated to professionals in the European Union, aimed at enhancing a vast range of interconnected skills among which digital skills stand out , emotional intelligence, creative thinking, interpersonal and communication skills, leadership and teamwork, as well as the global skills needed to successfully navigate an ever-changing work area.

The "Master the Act" project aims directly at the training and empowerment of facilitators and theater professionals

The end users of the project are represented by the unemployed and individuals looking for employment, whose intent is to increase their employability and overcome the sense of social exclusion, increasing their involvement in civil and economic life. The project involves a blended learning approach to improve skills in the project’s target group. The skills that this project aims to improve include, among others, digital skills, creative thinking and communication skills. This will support people in their ability to thrive in the ever changing world and marketplace.


Digital Skills


Emotional Intelligence

Communication skills

Creative thinking


Master the Act

Ipazia Production has been a partner of this European project since November 2020

During its implementation, the project aims to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular SDG 8 (related to decent work and economic growth). Furthermore, the project intends to raise public awareness of job opportunities for Europeans and funding dedicated to SMEs, helping them to recruit European professionals.

The initiative aims to broaden the skills and working methods of two target groups: facilitators and job managers (such as recruitment specialists, job consultants, public and private employment agencies), as well as theater directors, trainers and professionals.

How was the project imagined?

The Master the Act program is based on "Fake It Till You Make It" (2017), aimed at providing candidates from social groups at risk or affected by discrimination in the world of work with the soft skills necessary to increase their employability . Through this two-year initiative, many vulnerable people seeking employment in Spain, including young and old, women, migrants and people with disabilities have benefited greatly. Furthermore, in Italy all participants in the program have undertaken an entrepreneurial activity.

The methodology of Master the Act is built on theatrical practice and is based on the commendable "Spot-on" method, which has made it possible to develop a new practical and scientifically proven teaching approach. This approach can be experimented through theater workshops in which the participants create real theatrical performances, directed to a selected audience. This activity allows candidates to demonstrate their specific skills and abilities, such as teamwork, leadership management, communication skills and entrepreneurial skills.


Co-financed by Erasmus+ project of the European Union
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