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The Idea

Art, Culture and Innovation

Ipazia Production is an artistic production company born in June 2018 from the will of two brothers who, although with completely different backgrounds and personalities, share the same passion for culture, art and innovation. With great enthusiasm and a healthy dose of recklessness, given the difficult times for those who want to invest in culture, Donatella and Tommaso founded Ipazia Production with the aim of encouraging all those who want to express themselves openly through productions in which artists feel free to represent what they feel by emancipating themselves from the stereotypes that the current cultural panorama imposes.

Our productions

Get yourself in a world of Emotions and Creativity, where each Performance is a unique masterpiece


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VAT. 16062711003

Via Modena, 5
Rome, RM, 00042

Bulevardul Luptatorilor 50
Sector 1, Bucarest