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Who we are

Ipazia Production is a company born in June 2018 from an idea of two brothers, Donatella and Tommaso who had two completely different personalities and background but the same passion for art, culture and innovation.

With a pioneer and also a little reckless spirit, Donatella and Tommaso founded Ipazia Production to encourage artist to express freely themselves in acting, performing, playing or writing.

Ipazia Production intends to nurtured disruptive and also shocking artistic experiences, to wake up the average audience and users from the current homologation in the show business playground.

Its international productions and never ending research of innovative ideas and projects worldwide, enforces company’s objectives.

Ipazia’s values and ambitions are to divert at least audience’s change provide it the opportunities to partecipate to different types of performance against the flat usage of entertainment. To support freedom of thought as the great HYPAZIA fought, struggled and died.

The participation to well- know festivals and the contribution of important wish-full thinkers partners follows the same stream of discovering new artistic paths and different vision of theater, music and cinema.


Ipazia Production stems from the desire to create a company whose main aim is the rediscovery of the free thought through art and culture.

In a historical period where beauty, research, knowledge is no longer considered distinguishable values for a society projected at the future, Ipazia Production decides to invest in these values and to give the opportunity to whomever still believes in talent, in creativity, and in the continuous search for forms of expression, to realize their aspirations and desires.

In a society that is leading towards the homologation of tastes and forms of entertainment, Ipazia Production provides different models of aesthetic and playful interaction. The name’s choice of the Production company reflects these wishes and the reference to Hypatia, first paladin of free thought, is strongly desired.

Inspired by philosopher, the production wants to encourage a push towards the modern, through art in its most irreverent and iconoclastic forms. The international view of Ipazia Production represents a further strengthening. That is why the choice of national and international productions, the participation in festivals in which new and innovative formats are valued and rewarded, the collaboration with courageous, incisive and valuable authors all want to be the heart of Ipazia Production.

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