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The Idea

Our vision

Break cultural homologation

Ipazia Production is a young and dynamic artistic production company born from the passion for culture, art and innovation of the brothers Donatella and Tommaso. The desire to break the mold imposed by the current cultural landscape was fundamental, giving a voice to artists who wish to express themselves freely and represent the world without stereotypes.

With an innovative approach, Ipazia Production is committed to proposing artistic experiences that awaken the average public to under-represented worlds and realities, through the search for irreverent projects on a national and international scale and the choice of unconventional spaces

The rediscovery of free thought through art and culture: Investing in beauty, insight and knowledge

Ipazia Production’s mission is to enhance beauty, insight and knowledge as differentiating values, in an era where they are often overlooked. The production is committed to offering the public the opportunity to actively participate in its artistic proposals, in a cathartic and exciting way.

Free Mindset 

Free Mindset 

Free Mindset 

Free Mindset 

Free Mindset 

Free Mindset 

Our History

Freedom of elaboration and interpretation of the world

The name chosen for the production house reflects the objective of encouraging a propulsive thrust towards a modernity of expression and experimentation, such as that represented by Hypatia, the first champion of free thought. The production is oriented towards the choice of national and international productions, participation in Festivals in which innovative formats are valued and rewarded, and collaboration with courageous, incisive and valuable authors.

Ipazia Production represents a different vision of culture and art, capable of producing models of aesthetic and playful interaction outside the traditional schemes. Its international perspective, the search for new artistic and cultural visions and the will to give space to talent and creativity, make Ipazia Production an avant-garde and innovative artistic production company.

Ipazia Production Team

We are a diverse team, made up of professionals from different fields, including cinema, television, photography and music. We are committed every day to offer innovative products of great impact, able to excite and involve the public.

Donatella Busini


Donatella Busini, born in 1971, graduated in Physics and then worked in the Technological Innovation sector holding managerial roles in important High Tech consulting companies in Italy and abroad. Author, actress and theatrical producer, owner of Ipazia Production, an artistic production company in which she wanted to combine her more than twenty years of managerial experience with the love and passion for theater and the desire to express free thought. Her first book, L'Inizio, was among the works reported at the Fersen 2019 award and was a Semifinalist in the Calindri competition in the Women session and Finalist at the Quasimodo award. Her next work, the monologue Svetlana, won in 2019 the best text award at the Laccio Rosso review promoted by the Antigone theater in Rome and the Antigone award assigned by the same. Svetlana was a finalist in the Monologues session at the Ruzzante Prize. Io ed Elena had a mention of merit as best drama from the Teatro dei Marsi in Avezzano, won the Anima Mundi award for female writing and the Lago Gerundio Award.

Tommaso Busini


Extensive experience in management and EU structural funds. Manager by turnover > 600 k Head of Internationalization Strategies for private companies in Eastern Europe (incoming & outcoming). > 10 years Professional in EU financing in Romania, for SMEs and multinationals. Lecturer, commercial analyst and qualified business consultant. Designer of Structural Funds (for PA and private sector), expert in Project Management and International Trade and Territorial Promotion.o. Support growth and competitiveness, defend companies in the Balkans and campaign on the issues that most influence their performance. Passion for leadership, higher education and innovation.

Areas of expertise: Management, Internationalization, External and Public Relations, Business Development, EU Project Management, Corporate Marketing & Communication.

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Via Modena, 5
Rome, RM, 00042

Bulevardul Luptatorilor 50
Sector 1, Bucarest