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Feu Sacré

The myth of Prometheus has always fascinated women, men, thinkers and artists of every century and of every discipline, and this probably because it has symbolized over time the struggle of the friendly forces of human progress and civilizations against every form of power. Rebel figure of the Greek Olympus, Antigone reminds us when she stands up before power to say no and despite certain of a fatal end, she continues her intent. Two important themes related to the story of Prometheus emerge for us:

1. Power

2. Freedom

To talk about it we were inspired by the works of the German political philosopher Hannah Arendt, for whom power necessarily rests on the consent of political actors, on the freedom of citizens committed to a common world, otherwise, in fact, it is better to speak of coercion than, as such, it is not a category of politics but an instrument for the multiplication of natural force, a neutral and inhuman essence, the power of enslavement of the one or of the group. Power is also a power to think: free will; the individual is given the ability to self-govern. The thrill of freedom that power gives us is incredible. But here we are thinking of the power of each, and in no case of the power of those who have hypothetical capital. Hannah Arendt says that the invention of freedom coincides with the invention of politics, but politics is not necessary, what has always existed is power. What distinguishes the common life of men in the polis from all other forms of human community with which the Greeks were familiar is freedom. The mental patterns of power and freedom are particularly materialistic and deny the power and freedom inherent in our very existence. It is the cult of confrontation and appearance that makes us turn to the powers that be. In this piece danced by a single man, we want to make a parallel between the chaining of Prometheus, therefore of all men, and investigate the deprivation of freedom from a divine power and a political power; the desire for freedom and therefore mental freedom despite the chains, to get rid of them by facing a journey through the emotions and the experience of a modern day titan, who will melt in a liberating ecstasy.


Concept and choreography Ludovic Party

Dancer Antonino Filardo

3D Video Alice Felloni

Music Steve Reich, Sergei Racmaninov, Kodo, Benat Achiary, Orestes Stasimos

Affiche Feu Sacré