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Donatella Busini


Donatella Busini is an accomplished and innovation-driven C-Level IT Executive with over 20 years of experience in Global Sales Operations, where she regularly engages in IT services. She guides major corporations into the direction of meeting and exceeding corporate goals, while she demonstrates a natural talent in establishing integration between systems and technology.
Donatella develops proposals, detailing solution and program management for the international delivery of technology projects. An influential international leader in the IT market with a great passion for art and innovation. Her love for theatre as far as her experience as a writer and actress, had driven her to become an entrepreneur in the show business as a producer.
Her managerial attitude, international standing and ambitiousness, together with the experience done in OFF plays, took Donatella to create Ipazia Production to overcome entrainment omologation giving artist the possibility to freely exhibit.

Tommaso Busini


Tommaso is a director with strong skills in leading organizations, with a gained international experience in managing major companies to meet and exceed corporate goals. Professional specialized in management, business development and external relations, with more than 15 years of experience in European Affairs, EU financing, revenue growth and advocacy (in Belgium, Romania and Italy). Strategic planner, team builder and remarkable people manager with a proven ability to support teams in achieving operational excellence in alignment with company standards and vision. Art lover, passionate writer, creative, stubborn and ambitious.

Our Partners

Francesca Bartellini


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Main concern in my work in theater, film and writing, is to understand why at the beginning of the so called “Modern Times‟ a fracture appeared between human beings and Nature that took us to the dramatic situation we are living now. In all the documentaries I made, in my short film subjects as well as in my theatrical and poetical writing I explore on different levels this issue.

Francesca Bartellini has been working as writer, actress, director, producer for theater, feature film and documentaries in France, Italy, South Africa and United States. She has been the author of several plays such as The Angels of Mastemoth finalist at the Italian Dramaturgical Institute Award, Prostitutki staged at the Organic Theater in Chicago (theater created by David Mamet) and in Nyc in Off-Broadway West 42nd Street . The play was also finalist at Chicago’s Steppenwolf  theater (theater created by John Malkovitch e Meryl Streep) and at the Cleveland Public Theater writing competition. She also co-wrote the political stand-up comedy show Menippos on the Moon staged Epikolono Theater in Athens and co-wrote and directed the play La Febbre at Teatro Litta in Milan. She won the Fersen Prize for writing competition in 2017 at the Piccolo Teatro in Milan with The Threat , a very provocative play on Michelangelo and his strong links with the Jewish community in Rome and the Cabala.

As an actress she has acted in a few international movies including Portrait of a Lady by Jane Campion and acted in theaters in New York, Chicago and Paris. She has acted, amongst other plays, at the Theatre Petit Hebertot in Paris, in an English festival theatre, her monologue, The Supposed Person, based on Emily Dickinson’s letters and Mon Coeur mis à nus of Charles Baudelaire, directed by Tessa Walker. She acted her own play Sermones in a show with Giancarlo Giannini at the International Theater Festival QDA in Viterbo (Rome) in 2014. She performed again her play Sermones in a new staging in Milan at the CRTheater in April 2017 directed by Genni D’Aquino.

Francesca has been also a producer, writer, director of several documentaries for the main French and Italian television networks.

She directed a moyen metrage Dimitra’s dream, a Greek-Italian coproduction starring also Julian Sands and she is now pre producing two feature films. She published in 2010 an original book on William Shakespeare and John Donne focusing on the loss humankind had suffered in the passage between Renaissance and Modern Age regarding our Perception of Nature.   

She is currently writing a provocative and revealing novel on Michelangelo Buonarroti.

Francesca has earned a B.A. In History of Philosophy from Università Statale in Milan and a Master in Renaissance Philosophy from Ecole Des Hautes Etudes in Paris. She has studied acting and directing in several seminaries, but she considers her real master John Strasberg, professor and friend as well as Maurice Benichou, great ‘acteur fetiche’ of Peter Brook.

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