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The Italian preview of Francesca Bartellini's show at Madre’s museum Events in Naples

At Madre the contemporary is staged: the Italian preview of the show Mother by Francesca Bartellini, will take place Saturday January the 26th, at 6.30 p.m., in the RE_PUBBLICA Madre room, and also is scheduled a weekend of visits in the exhibitions and collections of the museum to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust in occasion of the Memorial Day

Saturday January 26th at 11.00 a.m.: Robert Mapplethorpe. Choreography for an art exhibition

A guided tour through the great retrospective dedicated to Robert Mapplethorpe, one of the greatest photographers of the 20thcentury, who had a complex and passionate relationship with the territory of Campania, when in occasion of one of his visit, he established an emphatic relationship with it, thanks to the fruitful collaboration with the Neapolitan gallerist Lucio Amelio. In the exhibition there are more than 160 works, set up in an hypothetical dialogue with archaeological, ancient and modern, carefully selected, on loan from the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, and a selection of drawings, paintings, sculptures and artifacts from the Museum and Real Bosco of Capodimonte, to create a dialogue between the ancient and the contemporary that will allow to analyze the special relationship between the classical references and the present baroque tension, as a constitutive element of the artist's photographic aesthetics.

The exhibition, curated by Laura Valente and Andrea Viliani, and organized in collaboration with the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation in New York, is a tribute to Mapplethorpe for the thirtieth anniversary of the first major retrospectives dedicated in 1988 to the artist, including the traveling exhibition The Perfect Moment, whose first chapter was presented at the Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia in December of that same year, just a few months before the death of Mapplethorpe, at the age of 43, on March 9th, 1989.

Booking recommended / Free participation / Paid entrance to the museum

SaturdayJanuary 26th at 6.30 p.m., in the RE_PUBBLICA Madre room (ground floor), a national preview will be staged: Madre, the show/performance by Francesca Bartellini, presented by Ipazia Production and by the Donnaregina Foundation for contemporary arts, in collaboration with Macro Asiloof Rome.

Francesca Bartellini continues her path in the Sacred Feminine, the only real strength that is able to accompany a deep re-foundation of values, which becomes the fulcrum of the show that combines performance and video-art through an aesthetic and expressive research. The monologue Mother has as a protagonist the figure of Mary Magdalene and itevokes the poetics of a choreographer among the most important of the 20thcentury, Pina Bausch.It is also part of the diptych Two, together with Father written by Bartellini and directed by the English director Susan Wordsfold, which will be instead presented in April at the Glasgow's Tron Theater. On stage, violence against a woman takes place as if it were a sacrifice: the 21stcentury presents itself with a ferocious grin. The figure of Mary Magdalene emerges: the historical figure and her boundless iconography, her apocryphal Gospel, the story of childhood, the sacred couple, the HierosGamos. The woman will reveal her motives through the centuries, shouting her indignation towards the brutality of the new millennium and projecting herself towards another future: the Way of the Heart.

The images, edited by Francesca Fini, interact with the protagonist, becoming characters, atmospheres and dramatical fragments themselves, with exits and entries that bear many references to the medieval theater. The music, that goes from the Renaissance references up to the atonalcontemporary, is performed on the harpsichord by Angelo Trancone.

Admission with courtesy ticket from 2 euros while seats last.

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