Articolo Il Mattino

Mother by Francesca Bartellini

preview of the performance and video art


It will be the Sala Re_PUBBLICA at the Madre Museum of Naples to host, on January 26th, 2019 at 6.30 p.m., the national preview of Mother by and with Francesca Bartellini, exhibition presented by Ipazia Production and Fondazione Donnaregina for contemporary arts, in collaboration with Macro Asilo of Rome.

After the Neapolitan premiere, the show will continue its tour at the Teatro di Tor Bella Monaca in Rome, then it will be performed in Milan, Florence, Turin and Pescara.

Throughout this work Francesca Bartellini continues to dig in the Sacred Feminine, the only true strength able to accompany a deep re-foundation of values, with a show that combines performance and video art, through an aesthetic and expressive research study, which revolves around the figure of Mary Magdalene.

The monologue Mother is part of the diptych Two, together with Father, written and interpreted in English by Francesca Bartellini and supervised by the English director Susan Wordsfold, who will instead be on stage at Glasgow Tron Theater for the premiere in the first absolute in April 2019. During the summer the show will be performed at the Edinburgh's Fringe Festival 2019 and later on in London.

On stage a violence against a woman is consumed as if it were a sacrifice: the XXI century presents itself with a fierce sneer. The image of the young and beautiful woman breaks down, and through an expansion of the spatio-temporal dimension, from a present of gravitational waves to a past of confused echoes, emerges the emblematic figure of Mary Magdalene.

Mary Magdalene and her boundless iconography, Mary Magdalene and her apocryphal Gospel, Magdalene child. The sacred couple, Hieros Gamos, Magdalene and Jesus.

Francesca Fini’s images interact with the protagonist on stage, becoming characters, atmospheres and dramatical fragments themselves, with many references to the medieval theater. The music, that starts from the Renaissance and reaches up to the contemporary atonal, will be performed by Angelo Trancone’s harpsichord, a young organist and harpsichordist, alongside with Toni Florio from the Neapolitana Chapel.

Mother is a representation that evokes the heart of childhood, that faces the idea of death, such as Pina Bausch’s poetics, but makes a necessary leap of civilization, moving towards the 'Way of the Heart' of the feminine 'Sacred Intellect'.

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