MADRE opened in January 2019 at the beautiful Museum of Modern Art ‘Madre’ in Naples. It’s a co-production between IPAZIA production and Foundation Donnaregina for Modern Art.
The original video art, created by the artist Francesca Fini, dialogues with the protagonist on stage, becoming a character, atmosphere and dramaturgic fragment, with exits and entries that refer to medieval theater. Music is built as a path that goes from the Renaissance to the contemporary music.

With this text Francesca Bartellini continues her investigation into the Sacred Feminine, the only way to build a new way to conceive the world and a new society, with a study of aesthetic and expressive research, which revolves around the figure of Mary Magdalene.

The monologue Mother is part of the diptych Two, together with Father, written and performed in English by Francesca Bartellini and directed by the English director Susan Wordsfold and will have its Worldpremiere in April 2019 at the Glasgow Tron Theater. In the summer, the show will be at Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival 2019, and later in London.

MADRE is a text that evokes childhood and face the idea of death following Pina Bausch poetics but makes a necessary leap of civilization moving towards the ‘Way of the Heart’ of the ‘female Sacred Raison’, to save the Mother, the Earth.

On stage a war on a woman is consumed as if it were a sacrifice: the XXI century presents itself with a fierce sneer. The image of the young and beautiful woman decomposes through an expansion of Space-Time, and, from a Present of gravitational waves to a Past of confused echoes, emerges the emblematic figure of Mary Magdalene.

Mary Magdalene and her boundless iconography, Mary Magdalene and her apocryphal Gospel, Magdalene child. The sacred couple, Hieros Gamos, Maddalena and Jesus.

In a totally unexpected and desecrating way, Magdalene will reveal her motives through the centuries, and will free herself from her chains, since her story is “another”.

By re-appropriating herself of the ‘Elastic’ which moves  Space and Time, Magdalene confronts the brutality of the Present in the New Millennium, where Nature is destroyed, and children are devoured by libido or cut into pieces by butchers, who sell their organs. Magdalene will scream her indignation and the waves of the galaxy with her, towards another future: the way of the Heart.

And she addresses herself directly to the Public: there is no longer Separation.
It become necessary for the Urgency of the Times.

We must Save.

Written, performed and directed by Francesca Bartellini
Videoart and virtual scenography Francesca Fini
Costumes : Alessandra Torella
Sound Design: Francesca Bartellini e Francesca Fini
Musical research and recordings: Angelo Trancone
Produced by Ipazia Production with Fondation Donnaregina pour les Arts contemporains



  • January 25, 2019
  • From: Sat 26-Jan-2019 6:30PM , To: Sat 26-Jan-2019 7:30PM

Madre Museum Naples

The Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Donnaregina, often known as Museo MADRE, is a museum of contemporary art in Naples, in Campania in southern Italy. It is housed in the Palazzo Donnaregina, which was adapted for it by the Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza Vieira. The museum opened in 2005.

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