L’inizio (The Beginning)

“The beginning”, a play by Donatella Busini

A young woman is looking for her female identity, is obsessed with the lack of memories of her childhood and she is the unconscious victim of many hidden truths that have been omitted from the people close to her. An inquiry into her past, aimed at the reconstruction of the reasons for her malaise, realized through flashes of her memory in a crescendo of gloomy atmospheres in which all the protagonists are victims and guilty of a deceptive and violent patriarchal system. The protagonist, in her search for an objective truth, juggles with enormous difficulty between subjective realities, as told by the other characters, and then reaches the end to discover a terrible story that overwhelms her by exploding her feminine through a liberating violence and redemption. The piece has the ambition to be a modern Greek tragedy, according to that styles that refer to the Anglo-Saxon theater and to the surreal atmospheres of the contemporary theater but which instead is cretated with the intention of expressing, in a modern and current context, the difficulties of the research for one’s own identity, linked to the manifestation of a truth as objective as possible.


This first work is the result of research and studies of modern drama conducted by the author together with the famous writer, director and interpreter Francesca Bartellini, winner in 2017 of the “Frenzen Prize” for dramaturgy. The starting point of this dramaturgical path took place in New York by the observation of the city identity loss and its inhabitants and it’s articulated in consequence of the individual gender ambiguity not only in the American but in a more general context. A research for the identity that has resulted in the evolution of the piece in a will to represent the faces of truth, so elusive when it comes to human relationships and the perception of past events. The protagonist, a woman eager for love, finds herself reliving a story that does not seem to belong to her and to face the consequences of a past and an environment whose violence, desire for power and ineptitude in reacting have also affected her life. Her identification with the victims of a murky affair that takes place in an unsuspected environment, push the protagonist to defend those who can not or could not speak; women she wanted to protect, if the facts had not been hidden by reticence, fear, complicity. Truth is the daughter of time. And now the time is women, whose identity must be rebuilt and made protagonist.

  • June 18, 2019 - June 21, 2019
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Teatro di Documenti

La “storia” del Teatro di Documenti inizia nel 1981 quando Luciano Damiani si lascia tentare dalla possibilità di realizzare finalmente in concreto la sua idea di teatro. “Se volevo fare un Teatro fuori degli schemi tradizionali non avevo altra scelta: avrei dovuto progettarlo e realizzarlo con le mie forze. Questa volta l'occasione era sotto casa mia, a Roma”. Così Damiani decise di mettersi al lavoro, con le proprie forze, per realizzare nella zona delle grotte seicentesche del Monte Testaccio il “Teatro di Documenti”.

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