FATHER is an intimate work with mythical scope, where the personal experiences between child and parent are reflected in our wider relationship with Mother Nature and the evolution of our climate. A relationship of use, abuse and love
FATHER is a one-woman show, facing a story of incest based on a true story of sexual abuse perpetrated by a father on his daughter. On stage a middle-aged woman reveals her daughter terrible secret which only surfaces as the daughter becomes a young woman.
The truth unfolds little by little: On stage the mother is also her daughter and the voice of the father remains off stage. But the father as his own secret…
Three ‘presences’ because three lives are interconnected by abuse on different levels but only one physical presence on stage.
The father is also a well-known meteorologist who is aware of climate change. He wants to save the Earth: he believes Man is the cause of the disaster, therefore Man should be the solution. He is lost in his own delusion because he was the first to commit a crime having abused his own daughter.
So a multiple layers of storytelling gives to the play a strong metaphorical meaning.
The style of the play is influenced by a Pinterian ironic desperation.



by and with Francesca Bartellini

director: Susan Worsfold


Francesca Bartellini’s has an international profile. Her work has been performed in the Unites States as well as in Europe. She is an Italian writer as well as an actress and a director for the theatre and in movies. She performs in Italian, English and French.

Director Susan Worsfold is well known in Scotland and internationally

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